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Wonder (Children's Collector Box)

Give a truly unique gift with our Wonder box, a customizable rock collection designed for children. Includes your choice of 4 healing crystals, along with their descriptive note cards and a unique secret message written just for your intended recipient! 

*Please note that this product is not gift-wrapped unless upgraded.

Healing Crystal Collection Includes

  • 4 healing crystals of your choice
  • Muslin LBOR sachet for your collection's safekeeping
  • 4 keepsake note cards outlining the meanings and healing properties of each of your crystals
  • Unique secret message intended just for you (similar to a fortune cookie), delivered on a sealed scroll

Amethyst Cluster Includes:

  • 1 unique, hand-picked Amethyst Cluster (Approx. 1-3 inches in size.)

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