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White Sage Smudge Kit

Cleanse your space with this White Sage Smudge Kit, designed to dispel negative energy and promote an atmosphere of love and security. White Sage is known to clear people and spaces of low energies, while the carefully selected flowers in this bundle are intended to attract peace and harmony. The Obsidian Arrowhead is a powerful crystal for guarding against negative energy. Keep it with you for protection or tuck it under a doormat to keep unwanted energy from entering. Use your Abalone shell to safely burn various types of herbs throughout the year.

Bundle includes

  • White Sage wand, 6"
  • Abalone shell, 5"
  • Obsidian Arrowhead 
  • Lavender
  • Pink Roses
  • Baby's breath
  • Pink Achillea
  • Yarrow

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