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Halo (Angels are with you)

Support • Sympathy • Sending love • Get well • Words of encouragement • Thinking of you

Marching in with an army of angels, this healing crystal collection is a spiritual gift unlike any other. Send the Halo to that divine someone who could use some words of encouragement and reassurance that angels are always present, offering unconditional love, guidance, and protection.

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Healing Crystal Gift Box Includes

  • Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
  • Celestite, Howlite, Rose Quartz, Clear Quartz in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
  • Black envelope and personalized letter including both sender and recipient's names, printed on fine linen paper
  • Keepsake message printed on luxurious, 32 point card stock
  • Your secret message delivered on a mini scroll

Healing Crystal Meanings

Known for its connection to the angelic realms, the powdery, blue Celestite can be used to help inspire divine communication. Hold this stone any time you’d like support from your angels.

Also linked to the spiritual dimension, the white Howlite is helpful in calming the mind and opening us up to angelic insights. Keep it close for help with hearing your guidance or place it under your pillow for a restful sleep and guided dreams.

The stone of unconditional love, Rose Quartz is especially good for healing the emotions. Keep it close as a gentle reminder of the angelic love and support that is always with you.

The Clear Quartz can amplify the power of other stones or be programmed with your desired intention. Make a wish!

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