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Little Bag of Tricks

Little Box of Rocks - How to use crystals

At Little Box of Rocks™, we’ve designed our gift bouquets to be portable. It’s why your little pals were sent to you in a cozy little pouch! Keeping your bouquet discretely tucked into your purse or pocket is a great way to ensure its energy sticks with you. We hear that Victoria Beckham keeps a black obsidian skull crystal in her handbag at all times for protection and strength. Now that's posh! Here are a few handy little tricks.

Have  an  important  work  presentation  or  interview?

Tuck a green aventurine into your pocket for good luck.

Going  on  a  road  trip?

Place a red jasper in the glove compartment to inspire safe travels and guard against road rage.

Need  a  little  shuteye?

Place howlite under your pillow to help inspire a peaceful sleep.

Going  on  a  hot  date?

Try keeping a garnet in your clutch to inspire instant passion and chemistry.

Feeling  tense?

Toss a sodalite in your bath water and allow the tension to melt away.

Feeling  drained?

Toss a citrine, garnet, carnelian, or pyrite in your bath water for a boost of energy.

Lovers quarrel?

Tuck a rose quartz or moonstone at your bedside to encourage clear communication and unconditional love.

Ants  in  your  pants?

If you’re feeling a little anxious, try tucking a sodalite, aquamarine, or howlite into your purse or pocket to help calm your nerves and ease panic attacks.

Thoughts  running  wild?

When you’re feeling scattered, try holding an obsidian arrowhead and taking a few deep breaths to center your thoughts and inspire focus.

Need  a  little  extra  oomph?

Keep a carnelian or pyrite with you to inspire motivation.

Need  a  boost  of  confidence?

Try keeping a garnet, citrine or rose quartz with you, or allow them to hop into the bath with you.

Feeling  a  little  under  the  weather?

They say that placing an amethyst in a windowsill that receives lots of sun can help you get well faster.

Rock’s out of the bag!

Little Box of Rocks