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The Power of a Secret

In ancient times, special objects such as animal furs, herbs, and stones were kept and carried in secrecy as meaningful talismans. We thought it would be a fun nod to this ancient tradition to make our bouquets top secret too. Thus, we ask that both sender and recipient keep the message contained between the two of them. We believe this creates a unique bond between sender and recipient.

Writing Your Secret

The secret message is truly the heart of the LBOR. The beautiful words that we send on a daily basis literally give us chills, and have ranged from marriage proposals, to celebrating the end of radiation treatments. When it comes to writing your own personalized message, this is your chance so say something you might not normally say. This can mean anything from a sincere compliment, a few words of encouragement or a simple congratulations. Whatever it is, the key is to speak from the heart.


    • • Keep it simple – one or two short sentences will suffice.
    • • Think about how your recipient inspires you. What do you admire about him or her?
    • • Don't overthink it. Often the best thing to write is your very first thought. 
    • • If you could give your recipient one piece of advice, what would it be?
    • • If you were to never see your recipient again, what would you say?
    • • A favorite quote works well in many cases.
    • • Inside jokes and nicknames rock!