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Crystal Meditation Guide

Healing crystal meditation

At Little Box of Rocks, we believe that connecting with a crystal is sort of like calling up a really good friend when you need to work through a problem. They have the ability to center us, pointing us back to our higher selves, and the issues that really matter. Meditation is one of the very best ways we can connect with our gems. It is through meditation that we can align ourselves with their comforting, non-resistant energy.

The following is a list of the twenty-one stones currently in our collection and how to make them your meditation buddies.


Place it on the brow to quiet the mind, help with visualization, and bring spiritual enlightenment.


A powerful blend of citrine and amethyst, the ametrine inspires us to release worry and stress when held in meditation.


A gentle and loving stone, angelite works to help us feel protected and connected to the angelic realm. Meditate with the angelite in your hand while visualizing angels by your side. Focus on clearing your mind and allowing any divine messages to come forward.


This beautiful, blue stone quiets the mind, promotes courage, and soothes the emotions. Place it on the throat to inspire clear communication and assistance in speaking your truth.


Linked to the heart chakra, green aventurine can be particularly useful for those experiencing any sort of anxiety. Meditate on this stone to ease the emotions and calm the nerves.


Have a particular career goal you’ve been focused on? Meditate with carnelian to enhance your motivation and focus.


Hold this joyful, golden stone in the palm of your hand, or place it on the naval to inspire physical, emotional, and spiritual purification.


When you’re feeling scattered, meditate on the clear quartz, holding it in the palm of your hand or placing it at the top of your head (crown chakra), to promote mental clarity and focus.


A stone that symbolizes the spiritual flame of absolute perfection that burns within us all, when held in meditation this gem is said to enhance our meditative focus and guide us toward spiritual progression.


Feeling stuck? Whether it’s in your career, romance, or any other realm, hold the energizing garnet in meditation for help with overcoming obstacles and moving forward.


If you’ve been struggling with insomnia, it is said that howlite can work wonders. Simply hold it in meditation at bedtime and allow its soothing energy to help you drift peacefully to sleep.


If you’ve been feeling wrapped up in negative thinking lately, Jet should do the trick. A powerful cleanser, hold it in the palm of your hand, breathing deeply and visualizing any dark energy leaving your body with each exhale.


One of the few stones that can’t hold negative energy, this rough, blue stone is said to instantly align the body’s chakras when held in meditation.


A stone strongly linked to the intuition, place moonstone on your heart during meditation to achieve emotional balance.


It is believed that this stone can help us to connect to our inner warriors and remind us of lessons learned in past lives. Try holding the obsidian arrowhead when you feel scattered. Its grounding properties can inspire focus, sending frantic and unhelpful energy back down into the earth.


When held in meditation, the black onyx can reconnect us to our highest goals and dreams, inspiring us to be the masters of our own destinies.


A powerful stone for increasing strength, vigor and motivation, it is said that holding this stone in meditation can help bring your desires into manifestation.


A great problem solver, hold the red jasper in meditation when you require answers to a difficult situation or feel you’ve been wronged in some way. It is believed that this gem can help improve unjust situations.


For self-love or harmony in your relationships, try meditating while holding this gentle pink stone in your receiving hand. (If you are right handed, hold it in your left hand, and vice versa.)


It is said that sodalite can clarify your heart and attune you to your highest desires. Hold it in mediation to induce a deep state of relaxation and a greater understanding of your spiritual path.


A powerful cleanser, hold this gem in meditation for help in releasing negative energy patterns and easing stress and anxiety.


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