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Kiera Fogg, Little Box of Rocks

Welcome. I’m Kiera Fogg, mother of three, believer in all things magical, and the creator of Little Box of Rocks™.

Ever since I was a little girl, spending many of my summers dreaming and exploring deep in Canada’s wilderness, I was fascinated by nature’s power to uplift and enlighten. For me, being immersed in Northern Ontario’s vast, rocky terrain searching for amethyst and fool’s gold was what allowed me to dream. It was a place where I could clear my thoughts and become still and centered in the presence of my own spirit – a place where I was deeply inspired.

While selling rock bouquets is certainly unconventional, for me it feels quite natural. My father, an avid fisherman, camper, and explorer extraordinaire, instilled a love of rocks in me from an early age. Many of my summers were spent with him exploring the wilderness “panning for gold,” or finding slivers of pyrite in remote streams. He’s the one who brought to my attention the fact that rocks hold a quiet but beautiful significance. He’d pick them up and contemplate how old they were: Two billion years? Four billion? Then he’d move on to discussing what was more significant given our respective life spans: us or the rock? He had a point, which is probably why I developed a deep respect for crystals, filling every room in my home with them as an adult.

My mother instilled a different, but equally important value in me: the value of inspiration. The queen of gift-giving and a true entrepreneurial superstar, my mother built an enormously successful gift business out of her home – starting at a time when we couldn’t afford to pay our light bill. I literally watched her gift her way out of an unsteady, lacking situation, into one of inner and outer abundance, while through her words and actions, inspiring thousands of women across the country to do the same. It was my mother who showed me that a few simple words of encouragement can truly change everything.

Inspiration is a deeply important aspect of my spirituality. When I am inspired, I’m happy, I’m connected, and life feels effortless. I get in the flow. I create things, say things, and do things that feel like they fit with my highest-self and I become more of who I want to be in this world. I wanted to create a company that was built on the principle of inspiration, creating significant moments of connection between people.

"Healing is an act of thought by which two minds perceive their oneness and
become glad." - A Course In Miracles

What emerged was the crystal bouquet: a unique inspirational gift that uses crystals as little messengers for our well-wishes. I believe that giving is the act through which connection occurs. When we lovingly give even the smallest things – a smile, a kind word, our time and attention – we connect to the highest parts of ourselves. My ultimate hope is that our bouquets help you and your recipient to do just that.

Life is magical and should be celebrated. Join us in our mission to inspire and send the bouquet that lives forever™.

Happy celebrating,

Kiera Fogg