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Cleansing and Programming

Little Box of Rocks - Cleansing Healing Crystals

Did  you  know…

    • • Crystals are believed to retain energy and thoughts
    • • Crystals are believed to have their own spirit guides
    • • Crystals are known to transform in color and size depending on their environment
    • • Many believe that crystals are living organisms

    At Little Box of Rocks, crystals are more than just a type of rock – they’re our little buddies! (We envision them buzzing around like little pixies in the night.) This is why we believe it’s so important to give them the care they deserve. After all, they’ve journeyed a long way to get to you, and we all need a bit of TLC at the end of a grueling road trip…

    If you’ve received a bouquet, the very first things you’ll want to do with them is to cleanse them of any lower energies they might have acquired on their journey to you. Then charge them up with a specific intention that you will benefit from. Here’s how:

    How  to  Cleanse  Your  Crystals

    Since crystals have the power to retain energy, it’s important to cleanse them frequently to remove any unwanted energy that has been absorbed from you, other people, or the environment. There are so many different methods of doing this, but here are some simple ways that are tried and true:


    Hold your crystals under clean, running water, holding the intention in your mind that they be cleared of all negative energy and re-energized.

    White  light

    Go to a quiet place and close your eyes. Hold your crystals and visualize that they are surrounded by white light, mentally asking your higher power to cleanse and purify them for you.

    Sage  or  Sweet  grass

    Burn either of these herbs, while passing your crystals through the path of the smoke, holding the intention in your mind that they be cleansed and purified.

    Stones  that  cleanse

    Certain types of crystals have the power to cleanse others. Toss Kyanite, Citrine, or Carnelian into a pouch along with your other gems and they will be instantly purified.

    Sun  or  moonlight

    If you’re feeling adventurous, try burying your crystals in a safe place in the soil and leave them overnight. It is believed that the energy of the moon will cleanse and reenergize them. Or place them in the sunlight, either outside or indoors on a windowsill, for the same effect.

    How  to  Program  Your  Crystals

    Programming a crystal simply means focusing its energy on a specific wish, goal or intention. Your gems can help you with all sorts of things, from health, to career, to your love life. Here’s how:

    Step  1

    Cleanse your stones with any one of the methods listed above.

    Step  2

    Write down your goal or intention on a piece of paper. Make sure you wording is simple and specific.

    Step  3

    Select a crystal with a natural meaning that corresponds to your intention. For example, if you have set a career goal, select the creative and motivating carnelian for its inherent ability to help us in business matters.

    Step  4
    Hold your stone and repeat the goal or intention you have written. Stop when you feel intuitively that your message has transferred.

    And voila, it’s that easy!

    Once you have programmed a crystal, it will emit the energetic frequency of your desired intention until it is cleansed. You can program and reprogram your stones as many times as you wish, allowing them to help you with all sorts of life’s situations, big and small. It is believed that meditating with a stone, or carrying it with you, can help you tune in to its energy and manifest your desired intentions. Check out our Crystal Meditation Guide and Little Bag of Tricks, for more information.

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