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Crystal bouquets by Little Box of Rocks

Like  a  flower  shop  –  but  with  healing  crystals!

Select from our unique collection of thoughtful gift boxes designed to celebrate life's most meaningful occasions – from birthday presents, bridesmaid and wedding party gifts, engagement gifts, anniversary gifts, get well gifts, client appreciation gifts, thinking of you gifts, thank you gifts and more. Then, seal it with a secret.

Our  Crystal  Shop

Little Box of Rocks™ is a for-purpose online crystal shop dedicated to the art of inspiration through gift-giving.

We believe that every gift should have an inspirational meaning that resonates with both sender and recipient – the kind of meaning that lives on forever! It’s why we’re the proud creators of the crystal bouquet and the very first healing crystal shop of our kind.

Built upon an ancient tradition dating back to antiquity, each of our crystal gift sets acts as a modern-day talisman – a special gift meant to inspire mental and emotional wellness. The tradition of the talisman has been carried out through the ages, from ancient Rome and Egypt, to Japanese and Indigenous cultures. Items, such as animal furs, herbs, stones, and anything else that held meaning, were kept and carried in complete secrecy believing this protected talisman's special meaning.

Healing  Crystal  Collections

Little Box of Rocks - Unique Gift For All Occasions

Inspired by the power of a secret, a crystal bouquet is a wooden box containing a thoughtful assortment of healing crystals that represent a specific theme and occasion.


Our bouquets include:

  • • Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
  • • Four theme appropriate healing crystals (and herbs in select bouquets) in a muslin sachet
  • • Black envelope and personalized letter, including both sender and recipient's names, on fine linen paper
  • • Keepsake card outlining the meaning of the bouquet
  • • A secret message written by the sender, presented on a sealed scroll

A  Unique  Customer  Experience


At Little Box of Rocks™ we work meticulously to create a gift-giving experience that you and your recipient will love, from beginning to end. Each of our bouquets are thoughtfully created with careful, poetic precision. Our unique words of encouragement come printed on beautiful, thick card stock that your recipient will keep and treasure. Our crystal collections are hand-wrapped and each gem is carefully selected to create the most radiant bouquet.

Whether you are looking for the perfect gift to celebrate an achievement (Wildfire), a personalized birthday gift (Stardust), a unique anniversary gift (Moonstruck), or simply would like to send a few words of encouragement “just because," we have a truly enchanting gift set for every occasion. Simply choose the type of bouquet you wish to send, write your secret, and send it out into the universe, delighting your recipient with your unique message of inspiration.

Can  you  keep  a  secret?

As a nod to the talisman, we ask that both sender and recipient keep the gift message a secret. We believe this creates a unique bond between you and your special someone.

So, can you keep a secret? Join us on our mission to inspire and send the bouquet that lives forever.™

Shh... don't tell!

Little Box of Rocks

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