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Palo Santo Incense Bundle

Cleanse and recharge your space with our eco-friendly Palo Santo & Amethyst Incense Bundle. Harvested from naturally fallen branches in Equador, its soothing fragrance carries notes of pine, lemon and mint. Palo Santo is known to enhance spiritual awareness and invoke good fortune, while the Amethyst cluster, often referred to as "the master healer," is a powerful good-for-anything crystal. Allow this perfect pair to heighten your intuition, enhance spiritual wisdom, and promote physical, and emotional healing, while the Lavender, Baby's Breath, and Pink Achillea infuse your space with love and peace.

Bundle includes

  • 5 wands of Palo Santo
  • Amethyst Cluster, 2-3 inches
  • Lavender
  • Baby's Breath
  • Pink Achillea
  • Descriptive note card
  • Secret message

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