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Dark Horse (Strength)

Offering the unyielding power of Black Onyx, this healing bracelet is designed to inspire the strength necessary to overcome life’s challenges and obstacles. Like a dark horse set to charge into battle, this sacred stone is known to create a powerful shield against negative energy. Allow the Dark Horse to inspire stamina and courage through times of change.

*If this is a gift, be sure to tell us the names of Recipient(s) and Sender(s) in the "Notes" section of your order!

Gift Box Includes

  • White hot-stamped LBOR gift box
  • Black Onyx healing crystal bracelet in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
  • Keepsake message with bracelet name and meaning
  • Surprise secret message delivered on a mini scroll
  • 7 1/4" Diameter, Stretch
  • Sterling silver LBOR charm

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