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Pixie (Baby)

New Baby Gift • New Parents Gift • New Mom Gift • Unique Gender Reveal Gift

They say that at the very moment we are born, while our parents are gazing and giggling and crying tears of joy, so is a very special creature – a perfect little pixie designated just for us. A keepsake baby gift like no other, this healing crystal collection carries with it the energy of the pixie – a small and mighty guide offering love, guidance and protection. Intended to be kept for the child until their 18th year, Pixie is to be given to new parents who have welcomed a perfect little pixie of their very own. This gift set has an added customization feature for boy or girl and makes a wonderful gift for new parents or unique gender reveal gift!

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Healing Crystal Gift Box Includes

  • Wooden gift box hand-wrapped in black satin ribbon
  • Blue Lace Agate (Boy) or Rose Quartz (Girl), Moonstone, Shungite, Clear Quartz in a muslin, hand-stamped sachet
  • Black envelope and personalized letter including both sender and recipient's names, printed on fine linen paper
  • Keepsake message printed on luxurious, 32 point card stock
  • Your secret message delivered on a mini scroll

Healing Crystal Meanings

Carrying the soft and soothing energy of unconditional love, the pink Rose Quartz is a symbol of the universal support system that is always with you. Keep it close, dear girl, as a reminder to fill your life with love, for others and yourself.

A powerful protector of children, the powdery Blue Lace Agate is believed to help facilitate clear communication, especially with angelic realms. Keep it close, dear boy, as a reminder to trust your inner voice and call upon your pixie when you need him.

The creamy Moonstone is said to heighten the intuition and help with all aspects of self-actualization. Allow it to inspire you to walk your highest path, knowing that you, and only you, can determine where this path will take you.

Often called “the stone of miracles,” the carbon-based Shungite is believed to heal various physical ailments and repel unwanted energies. Keep it close as a talisman for a life of good health and protection.

The Clear Quartz can amplify the power of other stones or be programmed with your desired intention. Your pixie’s listening…. Make a wish!

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