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Using the Power of Color to Change your Mood

Posted on March 25, 2019 by LBOR Team

Meet Emily



Hi Friends! I'm Emily, a San Francisco Bay Area Reiki Master, Tarot Reader and Moon Magic Manifestor. I share my intuitive insights, tarot readings, rituals and ways to work with energies to manifest your dream life, on my Instagram, @thelightforall. For the last seven years I've built a career in Learning & Development at a Bay Area tech company which has allowed me to use new technology to connect people to centuries-old rituals and my twist on outdated mystical information. Through my daily grind in the office and my nightly journeys in the world of the unknown, I realized how important it was to bring simple, metaphysical knowledge to people in easy-to-understand methods so they can build better days and lives for themselves.


The universe has provided us so many gifts to make life easier; like crystals, herbs, numbers and color! If we learn the properties and energies of each, we unlock a world of potential and learning. As an intuitive that receives clairvoyant (visual) and clairaudient (auditory) messages, I often receive signs in the form of color. As I've spent more time working with color, I've learned that not only do colors hold messages for us, but they help us channel their intrinsic energy, boosting our own natural abilities. Colors can help us unlock hidden powers we didn't even realize we had -- or at least help us feel better after a long day!


Most of us have favorite colors or colors we can't stand to look at. The more we learn about color theory, psychology and the metaphysical properties, the more color can actually give us an insight to areas in our lives we might need potential healing or attention. If you're someone who despises the color pink, you might want to explore your relationship to love, the love you give yourself, and what compassion, understanding and vulnerability mean to you. If Orange makes you want to gag, it might be a sign to question your outlook on the future, your trust in the universe, and your belief that things will work out for you. These are generalizations of course, but I’m sure if you looked into it more, you might learn something new about yourself!

 How Color Affects Our Moods

To get you started in your exploration of color, I’ve created a quick breakdown of the energy of each color and an item to use to channel that energy, sometimes called a color prop. As you read through the colors, their meanings and the suggested color props to use, notice where you've already used your own intuition to work with the colors in your life


Red is a boost of energy that helps us take action with passion and energy. It is a color that helps fuel both our determination and ambition. Considering getting a red notebook, laptop case, or bag for work or school. Try writing your task or to-do lists in red pen to charge them with energy from the start!


Orange is the color of optimism and strength. It rejuvenates and uplifts the spirit. Orange provides the passion of red and the optimism of yellow for a boost of physical energy and motivation. Channel the power of orange and blast through your workouts by using an orange water bottle or towel at the gym. If you really need motivation to get to the gym, go the extra mile and get an orange gym bag to pack your clothes so you channel the energy of orange before the workout even begins!


Yellow illuminates and uplifts. It's the color of knowledge and it inspires original thought. It stimulates the mind and promotes fun, cheer, and happiness. No surprise, smiley faces are yellow, right? Change the background of your phone to something yellow so every time (no matter what the text or email says) you'll absorb the positive energy!



Blue is the color of responsibility, honesty and trust. It conveys a sense of security and reliability. Blue is great to wear when you have to give a presentation or interview for a job because of the confidence and sincerity it conveys. Paint your nails blue, wear blue handbags or shoes, or even blue underwear and socks to channel as much confidence as possible when you need it.


Green is the color of renewal, restoration and rebirth. It stimulates balance and harmony and promotes growth and rejuvenation. Keep a plant on your desk or near where you work to encourage personal growth & harmony in the space or put photos of loved ones in green frames on your desk to help you keep a healthy work-life balance. After a long day, try wrapping yourself in a green blanket, scarf, sweater or cozy socks for an instant de-stresser.



Purple is the color of the imagination, dreams, spirituality and the future. Purple's calming energy makes it perfect for time spent working on your spiritual development or creating a sanctuary for sleep. Consider getting a purple yoga mat, meditation pillows or purple sheets or bedding to bring the tranquil energy into your environment.


Pink holds the energy of unconditional love, compassion, understanding and nurturing. Pink brings a sense of calm reassurance and hope. Pink helps release feelings of resentment, neglect and anger. A set of pink towels or a pink robe can help you feel the unconditional love and support of the universe as you wrap yourself up after a cleansing shower.



Setting Intentions With Color

Now you know the energy that each color possesses, you can begin your work with color by integrating some of the suggestions above into your life or follow your intuition to tap into the color of the items you're already using in your day-to-day life. To quickly utilize the energy of any item:

    • Touch it or hold it in your hands
    • Think about the qualities that the color has that you would like to embody in the moment
    • Close your eyes and take a few deep breaths to center
    • While holding on to the item, with your eyes still closed, imagine the color spreading from the item into your hand and up your arm
    Visualize the color spreading throughout you whole body
    Feel the desired energy filling your body
    Thank the color for providing you with a magical boost
    Continue through your day making magic 


    We are blessed to live in a universe of color, providing us an endless supply of energy and messages. As each person’s journey is a little different, I encourage you to work with color in a way that resonates with you. The suggestions above are just that, suggestions! Do what works for you! Know that your options are endless, and the universe is here to support and love you!


    For more Emily, visit @thelightforall on Instagram!

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