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How To Pick The Perfect Bridesmaid Gifts

Posted on March 09, 2016 by LBOR Team

Affinity, Healing Crystal Bridesmaid Gift

So your handsome prince has popped the question and now you’ve got the exciting task of asking your most important gal-pals to be a part of your big day. If you’re like most of us ladies, chances are you’ve already picked your bridesmaids (and ran through a fantasy version of your bachelorette party in your head several dozen times.)

But before you go calling all your girlfriends and blurting out a rambling verbal ambush, let’s consider a few simple tips that will help you pop the question in a way that will rock their worlds.

How To Personalize Your Bridesmaid Gifts

We don’t have to tell you that each one of your gal pals are perfectly unique. Of course you already know this by the way your sentimental friend, the “Charlotte” of the group, tears up at the drop of tic-tac, the way your “Fighter Friend” refuses to admit she cries EVER, and of course the way your “wild-child” buddy never fails to get you into trouble. Thus, each one of these bridesmaid requests should be approached a little differently.

Instead of blanketing your social circle with crystal collections for Affinity (Friendship), take a moment to consider each personality and select your bouquets accordingly. For instance, your sentimental friend might appreciate the Rainstorm, a healing crystal collection that offers soothing vibes, your tough pal might fit the Warrior in honor of her inner strength, and the wild-child might appreciate the sizzling hot energy of the trailblazing Wildfire. Not only will this tailored approach make for more fun when they compare notes later on, but it also offers each friend a keepsake that applies uniquely to them.

Name your queen

Speaking of special, your maid of honor is the queen. (Aside from you, of course, your majesty...) She’s laughed with you until the point of tears, and cried with you until the point of laughter. Therefore, we suggest honoring this truly special friendship by doing something a little different. Perhaps you include a riddle in your secret message that hints at her honored role, or maybe you simply choose a bouquet that no one else receives. (Hint: our Affinity bouquet is a great one for the maid of honor as it was created for the very best of friendships.)

Simplicity rules when writing your gift message

When it comes to writing your secret message, you don’t have to get too fancy. When you send a Little Box of Rocks, we’ve already taken care of all the poetics for you. Each of your bridesmaids will receive a special letter with her name, your name, a brief history of the LBOR tradition, and a riddle that hints at the theme of her bouquet. When she opens her gift-box, she will find a beautiful card explaining the theme of her bouquet and the meaning of the crystals. So, when it comes to the secret message, sticking with a simple “Will you be my bridesmaid” will have quite a bit of impact.

When to ask "Will Your Be My Bridesmaid?"

Of course, when it comes to asking a friend to be a part of your wedding, you’ll want to give as much advance notice as possible, without giving so much that schedules and priorities shift and change. The general rule of thumb in terms of when to ask a friend to be your bridesmaid is 6-9 months before your wedding. So even if you’re planning a Christmas wedding this year, it definitely isn’t too early to officially pop the question!

Don't forget gifts for the Mother of the bride, the flower girl and other special gems

And finally, not everyone who is special to you can be included in your big day as a bridesmaid, but let’s not forget that it’s just as important to honor them too! Whether it’s a Wildflower bouquet as a keepsake for your flower girl, or a Karma bouquet to say “thank you” to your mom for her help, we’ve made it just as easy to remember all the other Gems in your life. Check out the official LBOR Wedding Guide (below) to find the perfect bouquet for everyone who will be working to make your big day ROCK.

Here comes the bride...

Little Box of Rocks


Little Box of Rocks



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