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Non-Toxic Ways to Boost Immunity

Posted on October 17, 2018 by LBOR Team

Meet Devon


How to boost immunity

Hey babes! My name is Devon and I manage the account @iamdevonjade on Instagram! I’m a Life and Wellness Coach as well as a Meditation Teacher! I stumbled upon coaching by accident and I have to say it has been a blessing in disguise! I went to school for Nutrition Science and have always had a passion for helping others. It wasn’t until I experienced my own personal transformation that I knew I wanted to do more. So, back to school I went to get certified as a coach! During this huge life shift, I found meditation and instantly fell in love. About a year ago I completed my 200-hour Meditation Teacher Training and haven’t looked back since! Through my coaching business and meditation, I encourage others to look at life with a more mindful and non-toxic approach.

I am happy to be writing another piece for Little Box of Rocks. Several months ago, I wrote a post for their blog sharing a guide to essential oils for beginners. Today, I will be sharing my favorite non-toxic ways to boost immunity!

When we think of fall we often think of Pumpkin Spice Lattes and cute fall fashion, but we hardly ever think of all of the germs brewing, ready to cling to you and knock you off your feet. With cold and flu season just around the corner, I have compiled my top ways to boost immunity and stay about the wellness line! Bonus points because they are all non-toxic and can be used to help prevent you from getting sick too!

1. Sleep and Nutrition

How to boost immunity

My first tip is a no brainer, proper sleep and nutrition. With the hustle and bustle of busy work days and the lack of motivation due to the colder weather, it can be easy to let something so simple, like sleep and nutrition, slip away from you. I like to make sure I am always getting enough veggies in my diet and at least eight hours of sleep each night. After all, while we sleep is when our bodies’ work the hardest to keep us healthy.

2. Essential Oils

How to boost immunity

My second tip is essential oils. Coming from me this is no surprise but with so much information out there it can be very hard to tell what’s useful from what’s a myth. I personally use and love the brand Young Living. I prefer this brand because I know I am getting high quality essential oils that won’t harm me but rather help me instead. My favorite oils to help boost my immunity are Thieves, Lemon, Oregano, and R.C.. If you want more information on essential oils I would be happy to connect with you!

3. Supplements

Supplements are my third tip to keep yourself above the wellness line. They’re easy to sneak into smoothies, make into capsules to swallow as vitamins, and are overall good for you. My go-to supplements are a daily vitamin, vitamin C, and a green powder full of super foods!

4. Tonics and Elixirs

My last tip is making tonics and elixirs that have immune boosting benefits! This can be as trendy as a golden latte or simple as some herbal tea. Get creative with it! Use your favorite teas, nut milks, and supplements to benefit whatever your body needs in that moment! My favorite is “Thieves tea”. I boil water, add a drop of Thieves vitality essential oil, lemon, local honey, and apple cider vinegar. Taste like Christmas and always makes me feel so much better!

I hope you were able to gain some insight and inspiration from this blog post! Staying healthy and creating new habits doesn’t have to be boring! If you would like to connect further, please reach out via email iamdevonjade.@gmail.com or on Instagram (@iamdevonjade), I’d love to chat! You can also find more tips at devonjade.com.

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