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Love, Romance, and Healing Crystals: Secrets of a Relationship Coach

Posted on November 10, 2015 by LBOR Team

Healing Relationships with Healing Crystals

Rachel DeAlto is a celebrated relationship coach, motivational speaker, best-selling author and media personality. Her relationship and romance advise focuses not only on strengthening our relationships with others, but also with ourselves through releasing our limiting beliefs, fear, anxiety and other things that hold us back. Rachel's advice has been featured on media outlets including: The TODAY Show, Good Morning America, CNN/HLN, Access Hollywood, The Steve Harvey Show, Fox News, BetterTV, Cosmopolitan, and Glamour.

Ooh, la la... We're in love!

Rachel is a true relationship powerhouse and the embodiment of our crystal collection for romance, a.k.a the Moonstruck bouquet, which makes the perfect, unique anniversary gift or one of a kind wedding present. We were lucky enough to get to ask her a few questions in honor of our passion-infused bouquet. 

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Secrets of a Relationship Coach         

Little Box of Rocks: First, tell us about your work. What does an average day look like for you as a relationship expert?

Rachel DeAlto: Hmmm, there really isn’t an average day in my life – which is why I love what I do. Some days are packed with clients, others I am traveling to a speaking engagement, and others I am hosting a retreat or workshop.

LBOR: What are some things that people are surprised to find out about their own relationships when you begin working with them?

RD: Often times we reveal what they already knew on a subconscious level. I truly believe that all of the answers we need are within, and I am frequently helping them to uncover those.

LBOR: We love that in your work you place an emphasis on self-love. What can we all do to make sure we maintain healthy relationships with ourselves?

RD: Don’t mistake self-love for being narcissistic! We can’t love like we want to love without loving ourselves first. Insecurities and lack of fulfillment is a relationship frustrator (and killer). Know that the more you love yourself, the more likely you will be to maintain healthy boundaries and attract (and keep) a healthy partner.

LBOR: Great advice! It makes total sense that we need to be fulfilled and happy with ourselves to attract the right partner... So then do you believe in soul-mates? And how do we know if we’ve met “the one?”

RD: Yes! But I believe we have many. Every significant relationship is a soul-mate. Every significant relationship has a lesson for your soul. I believe that there is a difference between soul-mates and divine-mates. Soul-mates may not be forever.

LBOR: Yes, I think the fairy-tales would have us believe that true romance should last forever. Sometimes is does, and sometimes it doesn't. What do you think the secret is to keeping that passion alive in a relationship?

RD: Avoiding complacency! Always make an effort. We naturally court each other in the beginning stages of a relationship, but that often falls to the wayside with the monotony of life.

LBOR: Spice it up with a sexy secret and a bouquet of crystals is what we say! And since we're on the subject, we hear that you are a crystal lover! How did you become interested in crystals and in what ways to you incorporate them into your life?

RD: Yes!! I LOVE crystals. I fell in love with them through a friend that created several very special bracelets for me. Now I wear them, keep several on my nightstand, and even have a couple in my pillowcase depending on what I need at that time.

LBOR: Clearly, we love this!! We'll have to send you a few special gems for your pillow! So what else can you reveal about the beautiful woman behind the work that you do.

RD: I’m a bit of an open book to my clients and followers (especially in my newsletter – I pour my heart out), but I think the biggest surprise for most is my sense of humor. It can be somewhat inappropriate at times! Ha!

LBOR: Each of our bouquets comes with a clear quartz point (a crystal that is said to be programmable) so our recipients can “make a wish.” What wish would you make?

RD: For everyone to experience soul level love. Everyone.


Let’s do a little rapid fire. What’s the first thing that comes to mind with the following:

LBOR: Best first date?

RD: Paintball. What? Where did that come from? Maybe ping pong for those less violent….

LBOR: (Literal lol from us!) Best mantra for couples?

RD: I am open.

LBOR: Favorite healing crystal? Why?

RD: I love onyx and tourmaline because I work with so many energies. I also love rose quartz for bringing in the self love.

LBOR: Biggest relationship mystery?

RD: What your partner is thinking. We’ll never know. Stop wasting your energy and work on what YOU are thinking and more importantly, feeling.

LBOR: Best quality to find in a partner?

RD: Adaptability

LBOR: One book that embodies the Moonstruck spirit?

RD: The Five Love Languages – its my all time favorite relationship book!

LBOR: Yeah! We love this book. Top 5 love songs of all time?

RD: "I Will Always Love You," "With or Without You," "You Are So Beautiful," "Let’s Stay Together," "When a Man Loves a Woman." Crap. I’m tearing up.

LBOR: One piece of relationship advice you’d give yourself 10 years ago?

RD: Don’t get married so young? Ha! Oh wait, that would have been too late. More so, never settle for less than you deserve. Love is easy, kind and peaceful.

LBOR: Total communication or keep a few things secret?

RD: That’s a can of worms! It really depends on the circumstances. A little mystery isn’t a bad thing, but if you are holding back on a deal breaker of your partner, no.

We couldn't agree more! For more Rachel hop on over to www.racheldealto.com

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