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How to Discover Your Authenticity

Posted on April 23, 2018 by LBOR Team

Meet Leah

Leah is an artist, writer, and intuitive mother who shares her journey of self discovery on bluebeeblog.com hoping to inspire others to create positive change in their own lives. She started down a path of awakening after battling chronic illness and adrenal fatigue which led to her selling almost all of her possessions and moving into a small garden apartment on the river. It was there she lived a simple life of long walks in nature, hours of meditation on the river bank, doing yoga to classical music, drinking tea, journaling, researching various spiritual practices, and oil painting into the late hours of the night. A readiness for the next phase in her life led to a whirlwind romance and the magical experience of pregnancy, which became a time for even deeper reflection. Becoming a mother has led to a level of awakening that would not have been possible without her daughter, Luna.


Many of us were raised in a society of people disconnected from their authentic selves, which leads to the creation of false personas we put on just to fit in and survive in this world. But who are you underneath the layers of who you think you should be? Connecting to your true inner being and expressing yourself from this being brings you to your purpose in this life, but how do you make this connection? 

Listen to your emotions

Your emotions are your internal guidance system, and each one holds valuable insights on what you desire to bring into your life and what you need to heal. Become in tune with your emotions, allow them to rise within you, without fear or judgement, and ask them why they are here. When you ask yourself why and allow a stream of thought to flow to you like a river without searching for any answers, many things will begin to reveal themselves to you. You may find you feel angry because you’re really sad about something from the past and the current situation is a trigger causing you to feel powerless, or you’re feeling sad because you believe you’re not good enough. Why do you believe you’re not good enough? By continuing to ask yourself why, you will begin to uncover the limiting beliefs you were conditioned to believe when you were a child from society and your family. Limiting beliefs such as your weight or looks having an impact on your worth, not having enough time or money to accomplish something, ‘I’m not important’, ‘I’m not good enough or popular enough.’ Go deep with these questions, continue to ask yourself why and work through them at your own pace, taking it one day at a time. Journaling and meditation help facilitate this process, especially if you’re feeling very stuck with a particular emotion or situation. Working on releasing yourself from these limiting beliefs will take you to the next level of being. Then once you feel comfortable with your emotions you can use them to guide you towards your truth, connecting you to your authentic self and continuing to let go of the limiting beliefs holding you back. For example if you feel jealous because of an image you see, welcome your jealousy and allow it to guide you to what you truly desire, especially because it is usually not what you see in the image itself, but something within your subconscious which was triggered when you saw it.


Follow Your Joy

If your life isn’t filled with things that bring you joy, it’s time to reevaluate. Following your joy is the quickest way to align yourself with your true being. Shed all the things in your life you feel might be bogging you down. Clean out your closets, get rid of the excess stuff in your living space, say no to activities that drain your energy, and free yourself to spend more time doing the things which lighten up your spirit. Find a passion which brings you joy and spend time with it every day. If you love plants, start a garden whether inside or out. Buy a few plants and then start cultivating your own. Ditch the tv time and start drawing them or painting them, sell them at a local farmers market and meet new people. The possibilities are limitless once you start, and the momentum will take you where you need to go.

Stop Thinking and Just Start

If you’re struggling with trying to figure out exactly what you want to do in this life and have too many ideas filling up your mind, stop thinking about it and just start one of them. As soon as you start putting energy into one of these ideas, magic starts to happen and things will begin to unfold before your eyes. What you start out doing may lead you to a new idea you haven’t thought of, or the realization you don’t enjoy it at all, but this energy will allow you to quickly jump to the next thing you want to try and keep you moving forward. A helpful journaling practice to uncover a good starting point is to ask yourself ‘if I could do absolutely anything in my wildest, most beautiful dreams, what would it be?’ Then with your non dominant writing hand, write it out in your journal, the answer just might surprise you. Then, as always, ask yourself why.

Visualize Your Future

Relax yourself into a quiet meditation, notice your breath rise and fall, rise and fall, rise and fall, and then begin to picture yourself living the life of your dreams, without limitations or constraints. What do you look like? How do you feel? Where are you? Who are you with? What are you doing? Go deep into this beautiful world where you’re living in your truth, you don’t care what anyone else thinks, you’re happy and you’re following your inner voice, connected to your inner being, and doing what you love. Hold on to this dream, write it out in your journal and re-visit this meditation often as you move along your path. Ask yourself daily if what you’re doing is aligned with this vision, your future self, and then trust the Universe and her timing, releasing control and allow this life to unfold before you. Now picture your future self and ask them, what is my next step?

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