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Top 3 Healing Crystal Collections for Valentine's Day

Posted on February 03, 2016 by LBOR Team

Healing Crystals for Valentine's Day, Anniversary


Crystal Collection | MOONSTRUCK (ROMANCE)

Infused with the energy of hot, lunar passion, our MOONSTRUCK bouquet was created as an expression of wild and feverish love. In fact, some say that if you are given a Moonstone by a lover, you will always have passion. Send a little bit of secret magic to the mesmerizing soul who’s got you Moonstruck and watch your beloved go weak in the knees... 

Healing Crystal Anniversary Gifts


Crystal Collection | AFFINITY (Friendship)


BFFs from far and wide have been falling in love with our brand new AFFINITY bouquet. Carrying the warm and fiercely loyal energy of the truest of friendships, send this unique best friend gift to the keeper of your secrets, the crafter of your fibs, and that truly rare gem who fills your heart like no one else can. After all, isn't she your truest Valentine?

Affinity, Best Friends Gift

Crystal Collection | KARMA (Thank You)

For that special Gem who fills your heart with love all year, our KARMA bouquet is a beautiful way to say "thank you." Return the favor by sending your sweet Valentine a bouquet of love, luck and positive energy to let them know how much they are appreciated. Hint: Our Karma bouquet makes a truly special gift for your very first Valentine... your mom!

Karma (Thank You) Client Appreciation Gift, Thank you gift

Love is in the air...

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