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Healing Crystal Store | Black Friday Magic

Posted on November 27, 2015 by LBOR Team

Black Healing Crystals

Black Crystals

Did you know that black healing crystals are known to hold powerful cleansing and protective qualities? Tuck an Obsidian Arrowhead  in your pocket to ward off negative energy or hold a piece of Shunghite to cleanse the aura. They are also known in crystal therapy to promote strength, so carry a black crystal with you when you're feeling weak in any way.

Healing Crystal Store

Today only, all healing crystal collections containing BLACK crystals and gems will be offered at a reduced price. Pop over to our online crystal shop and do a little treasure hunt for those black beauties to receive this limited time pricing.

Crystal sale ends 12 a.m EST.

Happy treasure hunting!

Little Box of Rocks

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