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The Best Healing Crystals For Travel

Posted on October 04, 2017 by LBOR Team

Meet Lindsay

Lindsay Ashcraft

Leaving on a jet plane and feeling a little anxious? Travel enthusiast and creator of the Northern Daisy, Lindsay Ashcraft, shared with us her most trusted healing crystals to get you from A to B with the least amount of stress.


Desert Rose

A crystal with many layers, Desert Rose resembles a blooming red rose embodying grounded strength, provoking heart-centered thoughts and mental clarity to understanding one’s own emotional state. If you have a fear of flying or you’re going to a region where you don’t speak the native tongue, this crystal is great to slip in your pocket for a boost of confidence in making strong, decisive moves to stay empowered and aware in your new surroundings.



AquamarineLike its soft blue color alludes, this stone emanates soothing energies. Sometimes you’ll miss your connecting flight or experience something out of your control abroad. It happens. It can be difficult to stay calm in the thick of stress, but what allows you to move forward is your attitude and perspective of the issue at hand. Remaining centered and calm is essential to tackling challenges, especially when you’re traveling and they are well out of your comfort zone.


While Jet looks a bit like a smooth lump of coal, it’s presence is far from a symbol of naughty behavior. This stone offers its owner strong, stable protection in fear-inducing situations and even fights against sickness. An airplane full of people? Navigating large crowds of pedestrians on tiny sidewalks? You’ve got this. Jet is an excellent stone to keep with you for its calming energy and ability to gently bring tension to the surface so you can face the unknown with complete grace.



A form of quartz, Aventurine is a rich green color with a ton of mineral inclusions, making it a sparkly gem that shimmers in the light. Some consider this Aventurine to be the luckiest of all gems as it aligns one’s current condition with opportunity. Sometimes the odds can be stacked in your favor when traveling and sometimes not so much. To tip the odds in your favor, this gem is a smart pick for perseverance and good luck, giving you confidence to approach adventure with joyful determination rather than timid fear.

If you’re lucky enough to travel and experience other parts of the world, embrace the art of letting go and trusting in your own instinct. Crystals are there to serve as reminders of what you already possess inside yourself - keep them with you to ensure you stay grounded when approaching new terrain and to awaken the potential that’s already well within you.


For more Lindsay, head over to the Northern Daisy where she aims to inspire others to live intentionally and travel lightly.

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