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7 Crystals for Success, Prosperity & Good Fortune

Posted on March 13, 2020 by LBOR Team

 Healing crystal for success, prosperity, money


A very common question we get here at LBOR is: “What is the best healing crystal for success?” So common in fact, that we created a healing crystal gift box specifically for success and goal attainment. We named it the Wildfire bouquet, and it very quickly took off. Celebrities, magazine editors, and influencers went nuts for this collection, causing it to take off, well, like Wildfire. 

So we decided to take a closer look at the crystals chosen for this collection, along with some other very popular healing crystals that are quite effective for inspiring success, prosperity and good fortune. 


Pyrite healing crystal for success, prosperity, good fortune

A stone literally known to spark fire when struck, the beautiful, golden Pyrite will put a fire in your soul like no other gem can! An incredibly powerful stone for achieving goals, inspiring creativity, and motivation, when placed on a desk or workspace, it is thought to infuse the area with positive energy. Turn to Pyrite when you wish to blaze a trail for confidence, drive and passion in all of your most burning endeavours.

Fire Agate

Fire Agate

Another fiery gem, Fire Agate is one of the most popular crystals in our store. (In fact, we have trouble keeping this little guy in stock!) Believed to promote emotional stability and inspire the courage to take risks, Fire Agate contains a very strong grounded energy. Do you have difficulty speaking up in meetings? This healing crystal might help, as it's a stone of high integrity, thought to assist in speaking ones truth. It's also thought to ignite intense passion and progress, so keep it close when you are feeling particularly run down or lacking in motivation.


Citrine healing crystal for positive energy

One of the most important secrets to success is the ability to remain positive. For this, the shimmering, golden Citrine is your perfect BFF. Carrying the energy of the sun, the golden Citrine is a powerful energizer, emotionally and physically. Keep it close to elevate your mood and keep your thoughts elevated. Also believed to assist in financial matters, place it in the furthest left hand corner of your home (relative to the front door) to attract prosperity and good fortune. 


Aventurine, healing crystal for money

Aventurine is your little green lucky charm! Thought to be the luckiest of all gems, the green Aventurine is a very positive stone for increasing the odds of winning. Tuck it in your pocket during that important work presentation, interview, or when buying your next lottery ticket. Further, it's thought to be an incredibly powerful stone when it comes to your finances. When placed in a wallet or cash box, it's believed to attract wealth and prosperity.


Carnelian, healing crystal for motivation

The vivid, orange Carnelian is said to have been worn around the necks of ancient warriors for courage and strength. Turn to this powerful healing crystal in times when your pursuits seem particularly challenging. We all face battles in our daily lives, both large and small. The Carnelian reminds us that we are greater than any obstacle we could ever face. Instead of shrinking back, charge forth like a fearless warrior, knowing that with strength and perseverance you can and will accomplish anything.


Garnet, healing crystal for love and money

While this deep burgundy beauty is most commonly associated with love and romance, it can also be particularly powerful when it comes to our achievements, namely in the area of communication. Regardless of whether or not you work in a communication related field, expressing your objectives and intentions with clarity is key. Turn to your Garnet crystal any time you wish to clarify your objectives, both within your own mind and to others, allowing it to inspire emotional balance, trust and understanding.


Jet, healing crystal for money and finances

Formed out of fossilized wood, Jet is surprisingly light in weight, yet it is one of the most powerful crystals for strength and stability. Like the root of a tree that delves deep into the earth's soil, Jet is said to inspire an unshakable sense of roundedness. Turn to this stone when you find yourself "flying by the seat of your pants." This stone will help you to reel yourself back in and focus with wisdom on the next right step.

Wildfire healing crystal gift box for success

Are you looking for the perfect crystals for success for the go-getter in your life? Check out our ever popular Wildfire (Success) healing crystal collection.

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