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Self-Care For Dummies | An Easy, Back-To-The Basics Guide To Improving Your Wellness Routine

Posted on November 23, 2017 by LBOR Team


Do you practice self-care? What does that even mean? With so many of us talking about spiritual practices and wellness rituals, the term "self-care" can feel like more of a buzz word than anything. This is why we decided to break self-care down to its simplest components. Wellness blogger, Jenny Soder, shows us how to tune up our self-care practices by tuning into 5 crutial areas.

Meet Jenny


Jenny Soder is a Natural Living and essential oil educator whose passion for serving others is undeniable. Trained as a Holistic Nutritionist, Jenny spends her days supporting her tribe of individuals who aim to shift their homes and bodies to a more natural way of life.

Living a healthy lifestyle nowadays can be quite confusing. With conflicting information at every turn, where does one start? When we eliminate all of the noise and go back to basics, this is where the answers lay. Setting and mastering these five foundations of health has the ability to keep the body in a beautiful state of harmony, or return it back to a state of wellness.


Everyone knows that nutrition is an integral part of living a healthy lifestyle. With each choice we make, we are either feeding health and vitality or feeding dis-ease within us. Follow these tips to keep nutrition simple and effective:

1. Eat small meals throughout the day to keep your blood sugar levels stable

2. Eat the rainbow in colors each day when it comes to fruit and vegetable intake

3. Ensure that the majority of your foods are eaten in their whole state, rather than being processed by human

As you start to shift towards better nutritional habits, here are a few tools to help you manage.

 Crystal for Nutrition: Pyrite

There is no better crystal for supporting your health and well-being than pyrite. The energy pyrite possesses helps to inspire the mind, body and spirit and encourages you to take action. Keeping this deep gold, glistening beauty with you during meals can help deepen your strength and confidence.

Essential Oil for Nutrition: doTERRA Grapefruit Oil

Grapefruit Oil

doTERRA grapefruit essential oil is an incredibly uplifting and supportive oil for decreasing cravings. Simply inhale from the bottle or diffuse between meals in order to keep yourself on track.


If we do not move it, we will lose it; both physically and emotionally. Incorporating 20 minutes of activity into your schedule each day can greatly improve your overall health. With so many incredible options from walking to dancing to yoga, you should have no issues making exercise a priority. Looking for some tools to guide you along your exercise routine?

 Crystal for Exercise: Carnelian

Like the human body, this beautiful crystal can be seen with vein-like markings running throughout its body. An ideal tool for supporting our daily movement, Carnelian is both an energy booster and an energy stabilizer.

Essential Oil for Exercise: doTERRA Citrus Bliss blend

doTerra Citrus Bliss

This invigorating blend of citrus oils with a hint of vanilla, helps to support energy levels and lymphatic flow during exercise. Apply one drop to the bottom of each foot to experience the benefits.


In order for your body to regenerate and repair, it must receive adequate sleep each night. While some of us do not have the ideal required hours of sleep, we can support our sleep quality by using the following tools and techniques.

 Crystal for Sleep: Himalayan Salt Rock

The cleansing nature of Himalayan Salt Rocks promote healthy sleep patterns as they release high vibrations when used in a hot bath. Not only will they help to relax your muscles and body, but they can also help to dispel negativity from the body to allow your mind to rest.

Essential Oil for Sleep: doTERRA Serenity Blend

doTerra Serenity

This restful blend of essentials oils, creates a soothing aromatic experience, allowing you to achieve a deeper sleep. Add 2-3 drops of serenity oil blend to your Himalayan Salt Rocks and then add to the bath, to soak for 15 minutes before crawling into bed.

 Stress Management

Managing your stress in a proactive way is often tough for some, but is essential for all. Nothing has the ability to decrease your sense of well-being more than stress. Both crystals and essential oils provide extremely supportive (and effective) properties that can help to release the anxieties and constant business that many experience on a daily basis.

 Crystal for Stress: Amethyst

This rich and sparkling purple stone promotes balance and peace, easing negative thoughts and stresses from the day. Place amethyst in a window that receives sunlight and basket in the glory that it releases.

Essential Oil for Stress: doTERRA Balance Blend


doTerra Balance

This grounding blend of pure essential oils helps you to reconnect to your purpose. It allows you to sit within your inner peace to drown out the noise of the day. Simply put one drop into the palms of your hands, rub together, then cup over your mouth and nose and deeply inhale 3-4 times.


Each day we come across over 1,200 toxins or chemicals in our air, water, food and homes. The good news is that there are hundreds of ways we can decrease our toxic load. Whether it be shifting to homemade cleaners or beauty products, every little thing matters. We can also support our regular detoxification with some natural tools, such as the following:

 Crystal for Reducing Toxic Load: Shungite

This “miracle stone” is known for its protective qualities. Used to increase immunity and quicken the healing process, shungite is a must have crystal, to support our bodies on a daily basis. Keep shungite near you at all times, especially when you are near others that may be unwell or if you are struggling with your own health.

 Essential Oil for Reducing Toxic Load: doTERRA Lemon Oil

doTerra Lemon

The cleansing, purifying and invigorating properties of lemon make it one of the most versatile and popular oils around. Perfect for using as an all-purpose cleaner when combined with white vinegar and filtered water.


Wellness is a journey and staying well takes effort, but having some of these naturals tools combined with increased knowledge about the foundations of wellness make a world of difference.

Please note that these statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. All readers resume personality responsibility for their well-being. All persons should consult a qualified health professional before starting a new exercise or diet of any kind.


For more information and guidance on essential oils, contact Jenny Soder, the Traveling Oiler @travelingoiler

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