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Just in time for Mother's Day...

Posted on April 04, 2016 by Kiera Fogg

Little Box of Rocks

Little Box of Rocks

New Mother • Mother's Day • Mother's Birthday • Thinking of you
Somewhere in the heart of Asia blooms a deeply sacred plant. A plant with such faithful endurance that, every day without fail, it emerges to hold its head above the muddy water to greet the morning Sun. This bouquet carries with it the energy of the Lotus – the pristine blend of beauty and resilience that defines the spirit of motherhood. Send the Lotus to the special gem who holds the toughest job on Earth... and does it with a smile. Mud or murk, rain or shine – now that’s a mighty superpower.

Little Box of Rocks

 Little Box of RocksLittle Box of Rocks






New Baby • Congratulations • Keepsake

They say that at the very moment we are born, while our parents are gazing and
giggling and crying tears of joy, so is a very special creature – a perfect little pixie designated just for us. A keepsake like no other, this bouquet carries with it the energy of the pixie – a small and mighty guide offering love, guidance and protection. Intended to be kept for the child until their 18th year, Pixie is to be given to new parents who have welcomed a perfect little pixie of their very own. This bouquet has an added customization feature for boy or girl!

Whoa Mama...

Little Box of Rocks

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