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color & appearance

Kyanite is a rough, baby blue blade. Its structure sometimes contains small pieces of orange within its many elegant layers.

gem meaning

Kyanite is an extremely high vibration stone and is said to instantly align the body’s chakras. The energy of Kyanite is nurturing and helpful in a rare kind of way. Kyanite inspires the reflection in all aspects of oneself and is a go-to crystal when it comes to connection, constantly creating new pathways. Allow this stone to evoke open mindedness, inspire loyalty, and encourage self-expression. This crystal can create an energy flow in which can cause a shift in one’s view and perception of the world. For those trying to get rid of a bad habit or looking to get back on track, Kyanite is an empowerment grid. This stone assists in getting through disagreements and disputes, and can also aid in repairing damaged relationships and promote positive communication.

It is very useful for public speakers and performers as it strengthens the voice and helps you speak your true self. Hold this blue blade in meditation to release all emotional blockages and to strengthen positive communication. This gem will never retain negative energy, therefore does not need to be cleansed.