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Fire Agate

color & appearance

The iridescent, brown Fire Agate contains waves of soft white and deep red. This gem really does live up to its name – it’s scorching!

 gem meaning

Fire Agate is said to symbolize the inherent perfection of the spirit. This fiery gem promotes inner stability and provides courage to take risks. Fire Agate helps us to feel energetically protected. Fire Agate has a deep-rooted connection to the Earth and provides a very strong-grounded energy. Its warm, burning properties inspire deep passion, strong security, and boundless self-confidence. It is a stone of integrity, encouraging high standards of one self and others. This stone promotes self-love, inspiring one to speak only truth. The energy that Fire Agate brings makes it easier to build a strong and healthy emotional connections, helping us to attract new lovers and ignite passion in existing relationships. Fire agate fights against all forms of negativity and bitter feelings within the heart. It is said to lend courage to start fresh, allow this stone to stimulate progression and advancement.

 Fire Agate is especially good for entrepreneurs and business owners or those looking for a new beginning. Keep the stone nearby to ignite a fiery courage within yourself every step of the way.