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Black Onyx

Color & Appearance

Black Onyx is a smooth black stone with small imperfections and dents in some places. This crystal sometimes embodies tints of creamy white or deep brown.

Gem Meaning

A powerful stone of protection, Black Onyx is believed to help promote strength and stamina, alleviating the energy drain experienced in difficult circumstances. This stone is meant to center energy and align it with a higher power. Onyx is ideal for inspiring those experiencing negative emotions such as grief and sorrow. It can be used as a tool to help end unhappy or bothersome relationships. Allow this crystal to inspire deep personal strength and support in times of stress.

Black Onyx is an ideal stone for those embarking on a new journey that requires strength and commitment; whether that is a personal vacation, business venture, or a fresh relationship. This stone helps in recognizing personal strength and worth. If you frequently experience difficulty staying true to decisions or relationships, onyx may help you remain grounded in your choices and tasks.