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color & appearance

Most of the time, Amethyst consists of a lighter purple transforming into a darkened purple. In larger forms, this stone is a rich, sparkling purple.

gem meaning

Amethyst is a calming stone that promotes balance and peace. A good for everything stone, allow this deeply spiritual gem to heighten the intuition, guard against overindulgence's, and inspire guided decision-making. Also a supporter of the mental body, Amethyst eases anxieties and one’s negative thoughts. Allow this gem to assist in emotional and mental healing.

Placing the purple Amethyst in a window that receives sunlight can quicken the healing process, soothe the mind, and strengthen intuition. Amethyst is supportive of the emotional body, and brings those who are over-stressed back to their center. It is a great stone for those new to meditation that need extra guidance and a heightened spiritual sense.